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Abstract Planet

As inhabitants of the holy universe, we have the collective responsibility of uplifting and honouring Life in all dimensions. Arcturus, also known as the mighty, mystical Swati in Yogic Astronomy, is one dimension that is more powerful and vaster than the Sun in our Solar System. Arcturus is home to Wisdom, Healing, Pristine Education and Joy.

With the light of Arcturus, Arcturus Sphere seeks to take away pain from the world. We seek to make the world a mighty place, relieve hearts and human vessels of burdens. 

Our products honour not only human beings but our external eco system too., for human beings are not separate from nature; they are graced by nature. 

As manufacturers of Cosmic Balms (herbal pain relief balms) and suppliers of eco pencils, we ensure that our products be cruelty free and that we can dispose of what we bring to the table responsibly.There is no 'out there'; therefore our emphasis is also on educating about upcycling.  

We believe in internal ecosystems too. We carry our internal space wherever we go. While we are worried about external waste, we must ensure that we ourselves are never toxic to people and to other life forms. We have developed our concept of ecosystem further and came up with a bigger platform called Graphology & Holistic Empowerment School, a School for Life, to take care of the holistic education part.

Arcturus Sphere seeks to address Existence as holistic, for human beings; therefore we cater for the Mind, the Body, the Heart and Infinity of our customers through our products and services. In acknowledging their wholesomeness, we honour their very lives.

Products: Cosmic Balms, Eco Pens & Eco Pencils

Services: Cosmic Therapy 



To provide quality and eco-friendly wellness products and services for your Mind, Body, Heart and Infinity.

1.To alleviate human pain through Cosmic Balms.

2. To boost happiness index and reduce the decimation of trees through Eco Writers Project- Eco pencils and Graphology.

3. To educate about the upcycling of writing tools.

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