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The physical bodies of human beings are meant to be vessels to aid us fulfill our life missions.

As Planet Earth crosses the photon belt, all life forms on the planet are being detoxified; physical bodies need recalibration, meditation and fresh, raw food so that cells can become more crystalline smoothly. Arcturus Sphere offers two services to aid on this mission:
1. Meditation and Cosmic Therapy, which involve healing with cosmic light.
2. Cosmic Balm, our hand-made pain relief balms that will help you go about your tasks with much relief for your body.


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Cosmic Balms contain beeswax that have been given Cosmic Light to speed up healing processes for users. Arcturus Sphere uses only premium ingredients to craft these balms. These balms exist in 3 versions-mild, strong and extra strong. All 3 versions of these balms are hand-crafted with utmost care for hygiene and quality.

Easy to carry in handbags and ideal to keep discreetly in office, Cosmic Balms are the perfect companion for people who must sit for long hours in front of their screens, for those who must stand or walk throughout the day, for those who want relief on their foreheads or even those who have period cramps(to be use externally only).

Our Cosmic Balms are our signature product. We are the first manufacturers of herbal pain relief balms in Mauritius. To ensure the quality of these products, we craft them only in small batches. Our balms are registered as handicraft products at the SME.

We are also proud to be the first small enterprise to attach braille labels to its body product. The Braille has been kept simple and has been tested so that the product itself be inclusive and accessible to visually impaired persons too.

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