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These pens are light but solid. They are available in blue ink and are smooth to write with.

These eco pens are made with 95% recycled paper. Only the ink reservoir is plastic. 

Hundreds, if not thousands of used pens, highlighters, markers or tubes of correction fluid are dumped from organisations every month. The waste caused by our writing tools is unfathomable. We are a tiny island and more than the SDGs set forth by the United Nations, our sense of responsibility towards our environment must push us to action.

Arcturus Eco Writers Project aims at helping individuals and companies become more conscious of their writing tools. We have been networking with Mauritian volunteers who have gracefully and promptly agreed to collect markers, pens, highlighters across the island for the purpose of upcycling by a couple of local artists, and soon by youths too.This year, we will offer upcycling classes so as to empower users to repurpose their own writing tools. 

Why writing tools? Our education first reflects itself in the choices that we make. The healthier our knowledge and realisations, the healthier our actions. We are so much used to being consumers on this planet that we have begun to consume it too. The truth is that we are more of guardians for our planet. Collectively, we can bring the change that we need to see.

In 2022, Arcturus Sphere expanded its Eco Writers Project and introduced Graphology among its services. So far, graphology has been an unexplored tool for holistic health in Mauritius. Graphology is a science that not only reveals the states of various aspects of a writer but also rewires neuropathways through graphotherapy, thereby helping learners develop traits that they wish to acquire. The Graphology service has now been made available to our sister platform-Graphology & Holistic Empowerment School, which is the first school for handwriting analysis in Mauritius.  This school will take care of all of our educational services.

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