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A beautiful mind thinks beautifully. This beauty reflects itself in the choices that we make. As we choose to make use of what will not harm anybody or anything, we know that we are on the way to Infinity. What else is a great mind but one that is nurtured , seeks to nurture and stays aligned with the robustness of the Body and tenderness of the Heart?

Did you know that the writing tools that we choose influence our moods and attitudes? Whether they are types of writing tools(gel pens, ball pens, fountain pens or pencils) or simply the colour of the ink, what we write with, not only reflects what lies in our subconscience but also contribute to the neuropathway that we create through the act of writing. Arcturus Sphere supplies eco friendly pens and pencils so that we all can honour our external eco system while writing.  As a species that is elevated, we are the guardians of this planet. We are not part of the environment. We ARE the environment. Each of our actions impacts our planet directly. Our education reflects itself in the very writing tools that we choose. Let us therefore be eco conscious and break the chain of damage that we have been doing through continued use of plastic pens.


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